Chefs are our peers and our inspiration. Great chefs insist on great ingredients. It’s their life-blood. Period. So listen to how much these chefs love and rely on our farm-raised cuts.

We’re big fans of the pig. There’s always Cheshire Pork on our menu. They set the standard.

James Doss Chef, Rx Restaurant & Bar / Pembroke’s, Wilmington, NC

One of my favorite things about Cheshire Pork is that the fat becomes melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Joe Kindred Chef, Kindred Restaurant, Davidson, NC

Farmers are the rock stars. We’re more
like the roadies... What they do is hard. Really, really hard.

Scott Crawford Chef/Owner, Crawford & Son

It’s about how that product is treated from the beginning to the time it gets to us,and at Cheshire Pork, they treat their breeds right.

John Fleer Chef, Rhubarb, Asheville, NC

From a chef’s standpoint, it’s got great marbling and a nuttiness in flavor. Incredible quality.

Colin Bedford Executive Chef, The Fearrington House Restaurant, Pittsboro, NC