Over 40 years of selective breeding has resulted in pork shimmering in rich marbling with intramuscular fat.  This also produces a superior quality fat–rich in oleic acid–that gives this pork a firm texture and a velvety, irresistible ‘mouth feel’.  It’s about texture as well as flavor. This is pork the way it used to be, the way it should be. We invite you taste the difference.


Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork is proud to be an official House Purveyor of the Jame Beard Foundation

[ Clearly, Not ] All animals are equal

These heritage breed hogs are hand-fed special diets with no animal by-products or hormones. They are raised in an environment that respects their natural instincts and behaviors, with room to move and congregate in social groups. These practices make for healthier and happier animals, and in the end, tastier cuts for the table.

Giving Back

the best part of any animal is the heart

A Cause Close to Our Hearts

We are proud to partner with Society of St. Andrews to do what we can to stamp out hunger. These remarkable folks have a simple yet remarkable formula for doing just that–take odd or unmarketable fruits and vegetables from fields across the US and distribute them to those in need. And they’ve done this to the tune of over 16 million pounds of food so far.

We’re offering our customers and fans a t-shirt that celebrates this partnership, with all proceeds going to their most worthy cause. So join up with 32,000 other volunteers who make Society of St. Andrew’s mission a reality every year.